Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Way to go Kirk!

Today's Oprah Winfrey show discussed a very serious topic: porn addiction. Kirk Franklin was the highlighted guest discussing his former addiction. I must say that I was very proud of his transperancy and humility as he told Oprah and the whole world a deep, dark secret of his past.

As a fellow church member with The Franklins, some in our church body were privy to the fact that he was going to be on the show, and the body of Christ began praying that God would receive all glory. After viewing the show, I pray many were drawn to Christ by the testimony of Kirk. He claims that his addiction primarily stemmed from a misguided view of himself, and that it was not until he began looking at himself the way God sees him, that the addiction began to subside.

Of course, in an attempt to be politically correct, Oprah would try to cut him off as he began to speak words of truth in reference to God. There was even a point when a psychologist said that people who suffer with porn addiction will struggle with it their whole life! Kirk chimed in, "That has not been my experience...I don't have a taste in my mouth for it at all!" AMEN, Kirk! That is what the power of the Holy Spirit living inside of you will do...Christ died on the cross for redemption! Kirk Franklin is a testimony that God can restore what the Enemy attempts to take away from our lives!

On the show Oprah stated that 47% of Christian couples say it is a problem within their marriage. Think about those who were not recorded in that survey. What about single Christian men? I'm afraid the number is probably a lot higher than 47%.

Did you see the show? What did you think about it?

What do you think we as Christian women can do to help our brothers in Christ wage war against the Enemy in regard to pornography?


Ame said...

I wish it were not true, but I have been exposed to that world more than I care to. So I do have some suggestions for women of God who truly care about the intense war men are facing. They are simple and redundant, but critically true.

Dress. We love to look beautiful and feminine, but there are many looks that are truly only appropriate for our bedrooms - married or not. Men are intensely visual - it's a gift to us from God when we're married, but we must not exploit it outside of the bedroom. ANYthing in our appearance that would obviously cause a man's eye to be drawn from our internal beauty is a temptation for a man, and I believe it is wrong to wear. Specifically? Well, I'm very conservative because of what I've had to experience, but specifically I would say: no cleavage, no skin-tight tops or pants - well-fitting and skin tight are two different things. And cover up - too much to look at is just too much to look at. There is a place for women to share our physical beauty in playful and intimate ways with a man, and it's in the marriage bedroom.

And Presentation. All of how we present ourselves is critical, especially for women who desire to present Christ. Presentation encompassing the whole "package." Dressing conservatively and yet acting seductively or flirtatious will still draw a man's mind to places it needs not go.

Do you really want a man looking at you and struggling with his thoughts? We cannot control their thoughts, but we can dress and present ourselves in such a way as to not be responsible in any way for drawing their thoughts to places they should not go.

I think that's why God's Word emphasizes our "inward beauty" so much. When we focus on our hearts and dressing them beautifully for our Lord, the way we dress and present ourselves will be a reflection of that: still very much in style and yet not distracting from our real beauty and reason for being - the beauty of God growing and blooming in our hearts; and to be such a woman that people are drawn to God through us.

Pray. Pray that when men are with you they see your heart and souls and mind, that they see YOU, and that they see Jesus. Pray they are not distracted with your appearance.

When a man looks at you, is there anything about you or your appearance that would draw him to God? Is there anything about your appearance that would draw him to inappropriate thoughts or to struggle with them?

(Lin-z - good luck with finals and finishing out the semester! i love the way you're really struggling through thinking through what you believe :)

Lyn-z said...

AMEN AME!!! Good stuff for us all to be mindful and prayerful of!!! :)