Monday, November 14, 2005

Circle of Sisters

It has been said that in a lifetime, one’s number of friends can be counted on one hand. I don’t remember when I first remembered hearing this, but for some strange reason I considered this to be truth. The repercussion of believing this lie led me once to be leery of women and limit myself to friendships.

God has since proved that old adage to be false in my life. I am so blessed to say that when I once could only count the summation of my friends on one hand, God has brought sweet, caring, and loyal friends into my life that exceed both hands!

It was about a year ago that one by one the Lord began developing close relationships with different women in my life. I have been amazed at how it feels as if I have known these women my whole life. Slowly, but surely our hearts have been knitted together through triumphs, trials, laughter, and tears.

I truly believe that it was through transparency that God has allowed this bond to take place. As we remove the masks and get to the real junk in our lives, it becomes evident how much we are all alike. I am so honored that many of my sweet friends have entrusted me with their innermost pains, and with that information, Christ makes my heart bleed for them and want to serve, encourage, and pray for them.

These ladies have been Christ in the flesh for me. Examples such as helping me clean my apartment when I moved out, to another hosting a fabulous birthday party for me, sending me an encouraging card, donating money to help me go on a mission’s trip to South Africa, calling me and asking how I did on my Theology test, giving me a ride to church when gas is expensive and funds are low, to another being burdened over sin in my life.

My cup runneth over…

These women are more than friends to me, they are sisters. One of the definitions for sister in Webster’s dictionary states: a female friend or protector regarded as a sister. If there are women you know who do not have a sister in Christ to walk through life with them, let us all be burdened to fill in the gap for these women; for I can testify what a difference a circle of sisters makes in the life of one.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Lyze. You too have been a huge blessing in my life. Thank you for giving me the courage to walk up to someone I admire from afar and ask them to get in the game.

Denashia said...

Lynzee from the day we first met at Baylor when you were trying to leave campus...I knew then we would become really great friends, and I thank God for allowing us to become sisters through His Grace. I love ya and I'm so proud of the "Great Woman of God" you are maturing into! Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the book...I pray that there is one in the making!!!

Kanika J. said...

Lynzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love you! Thank you so much for your sweet, sweet words. I praise God for you and all my lady friends that I have met in just 2004! WOW! God has really blessed me with women who are precious to me, who inspire me to keep hanging in there, who touch my heart and my hurts with the love of Jesus. Knowing you is wonderful. I appreciate your passion when you talk. I love that you cry easily, because it shows me that you're vulnerable, real, and sincere in what you say and do. Lynzee, you're the bomb! Who wouldn't love to have you as a frien-i'd rather say sister? I watch you and I see how the Lord is working in your life and I feed off of that to endure and remain faithful in my own life struggles to Him. So, I am so glad that you keep striving to be more like Jesus. All of us spur one another on, so that we can all experience victory after victory after victory...Our God is SO AWESOME! I love you and I love when we have our little
"talks" of encouragement! Oh yeah, we're going to all have so much fun in heaven with God! Can't wait! love, k : )

txteacher said...

You were an only child growing up, but once again, God knew what He was doing. Look how you have been blessed with so many sisters to help you make it through this life!
May God put his angels around all of you.

Yolanda J. said...

I pray that others can experience what you have. I can relate to the struggle to trust others. One day I'll be transparent enough to fully experience what you talk about. Anyone reading your words or mine need to realize that fully trusting someone (or some people) and fully sharing life with others will allow such a beautiful blessing.