Monday, November 28, 2005

The fruit of the Spirit is...self-control

By now our Thanksgiving left-overs are depleted. No more dressing, sweet potato pie, and all of the other yummy food. This year I was responsible for the sweet potato pies, which by the way were not very sweet. I'm not sure what I did wrong! I used a cup of sugar just like the recipe called for, but it just wasn't quite sweet enough. I also made a corn casserole that my mom usually makes, but mine just wasn't good! Despite my ok cooking, believe me, I did enough eating.

In fact, I ate so much from Thursday through Sunday that today I feel convicted. Now those who know me, know I love to eat, and eating too much is never usually on my list of conviction. I work part time at a small church and with one phone call today my whole perspective of eating too much...(even on a holiday) has changed.

Ring, ring...
I answered the phone..."Hello."
"Hi, my name is Jeff and I'm looking for some groceries, " he said.

After a short conversation I was able to give him the number of some food pantries in town. As I type this, Jeff is looking for some "groceries."

Have mercy, Lord.

My heart is very burdened for him at this very moment. I can't help but to think: Does he have small children, a wife, an elderly relative he's caring for? My heart is also burdened over how much I ate...and complained about the food I cooked, when someone I spoke with 30 minutes ago is looking for food! I don't think the words, "I'm looking for groceries," has ever come out of my mouth. For that I am grateful, because one never knows what the next day will bring. Will I make a phone call one day saying, "Hi, I'm looking for some groceries"?

Sin is sin. Lying, cheating, stealing, and yes, overeating...even on Thanksgiving. Galatians 5 says the fruit of the Spirit is self-control. God has given us the gift of delicious food, but we all must learn how to walk by the Spirit and exercise self-control. Even in the area of eating on the holidays. I do not believe the Lord wants us to eat and then feel guilty for what we just ate. If there is guilt, that is probably the Holy Spirit saying, "Slow down.."

So as you enjoy your next meal, thank God for His provision and blessing of food, but I also want to encourage you, me, everyone to have self-control.
Allowing the Holy Spirit control over every area of your life is a testimony of one being a true servant of Christ.

I pray Jeff finds a warm meal, and I pray that those of us who are blessed with food will not abuse it.

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Ame said...

Self control - one i'm struggling with right now :)

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