Monday, March 31, 2008


During a lovely trip to our local farmer's market last Friday, I discovered I am allergic to mangoes! Go figure! I never knew that in my 28 years of life! I have never eaten mangoes before, but tried one for the first time on Friday. It actually tastes pretty good. The texture is weird, but they are juicy. My husband didn't care for them at all.

Almost immediately after eating the mango I felt the corners of my mouth stinging. I assumed it was because I was eating so many acidic citrus fruit.

After doing some quick research on google I found out there is a cross section between mangoes and poison ivy. The nectar has the same chemicals from poison ivy found on the outside of the mango. So, if you bite into a mango be careful! I am happy to say the allergic reaction went away and I no longer have a rash.

Monday, March 17, 2008


"All the arrows of God are aimed at proud hearts."

Charles Spurgeon

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bridal Blues

Two months. We have now been married for two whole months. Sixty days. Time flies by so quickly, and I've got a case of bridal blues...

I think bridal blues is like post-pardum after pregnancy-but for brides!

I've been warned by many former brides that after the big day, things can become a little nostalgic. I mean, the day just zips by. All of that planning, all the fuss, all the flowers...and it's over. I look at our pictures and I just want to cry! How can we get that day back? Oh, how I wish we could! The Bible is so true in saying our lives are but a vapor, a mist.

People say the fun truly begins after the wedding, and I will say I believe them, but I want to put my dress back on one last time! I asked my husband the other day real sweetly if I could put my dress back on, and he quickly said, "NO!" Oh well...I guess I do just need to move on!

I think I am feeling this way because for a girl's whole life she dreams of that day, that moment...and then it is just gone. Friends were telling me, "Just take it all in." I did take it all in, and it truly was a great day. It was the commencement of a blessed future with my husband, as we now are on the journey of becoming one each day, sharing laughs, cries, disappointments, and even sharing the bathroom!

Maybe I shouldn't be blue! It's a beautiful day outside and I am truly blessed to be experiencing God's goodness in the land of the living!

My times are in Your hand.

Psalm 31:15