Monday, July 03, 2006

The Bark of the Enemy

Every time I go walking in my neighborhood I take the same route. Whenever I walk by the house on the corner of my street, two dogs bark ferociously at me. The first several times it would startle me and I would jump in my skin! I cannot remember one time walking by there and the dogs not barking wildly at me. It does not startle me anymore though. In fact, I expect it. If they did not bark at me, I would think something was wrong with them. Afterall, they are dogs--and dogs bark!

Today was different though. As I walked by the house, they went to town barking their heads off at me as usual, but today I made a spiritual connection with the familiar barks.

I believe Satan is much like those barking dogs.

Satan, like those dogs does the same thing repeatedly to tempt us. Think about what is a temptation for you? Satan knows yours and my weaknesses, and these are the areas where he barks and growls at us. The first time he tempts you and he barks, it may startle you. The next time, you may jump, but eventually, you and I must come to a point in our spiritual lives where we can recognize the bark of the enemy. Better yet, we must come to an understanding of ourselves! The addage goes, "Every man should know his limitations." This is true, however, I believe:

Every man should know his temptations.

Having this knowledge allows one to be on guard for the schemes of the enemy. As I walk closer to the house on the corner, I prepare my mind and heart for the barking dogs. I know they may bark and growl at me behind the fence, but one thing now brings me comfort--they cannot touch me!

My friend, that is great news! Satan will bark and he will growl. However, being a child of God automatically guarantees you and I protection from the enemy. We must remember everything belongs to our God-even Satan. So, get ready for the barking, but do not be surprised when it comes. Satan is cunning, but he does not operate outside of the sovereign will of our Lord.

I would like to encourage you to prepare your hearts and minds in order to discern the bark of the enemy.

"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me." Psalm 23:4


txteacher said...

What a great comparison (even though I am a dog lover)!

Anonymous said...

what great insight...we have to recognize how the enemy attacks us and call..a dog a dog...however, it seems that just when i have it figured out how he barks...he changes up the you

Lyn-z said...

anonymous...that is an interesting statement b/c Satan does change up his growl every now & then--so do the dogs behind the fence! we have to be wise as serpents, but harmless as doves! thanks for your posting & insight!