Friday, May 26, 2006

A Hot Mess

I believe summer is officially here in Texas! It has been almost 100 degrees everyday this week, and you can see the heat coming off the pavement! The bad thing about Texas heat is that there isn't even a slight cool breeze...the air is just thick with heat!

It's a hot mess...

As I was driving to work today, I noticed some people's yards are already starting to die from the heat. It's not even June yet! What makes matters worse is that we are on a water conservation plan, and can only water our yards 2 or 3 times a week.

As the temperature begins to rise, so do people's attitudes...including mine! It is a well known fact that crime in Dallas increases in the summer, which is believed to be a result of the heat.

Isn't that a hot mess?

What is it that makes people get short-tempered when it is hot? I mean, what about people in they just stay mad because it's always hot over there? Surely not.

Considering that it stays hot in Texas until about October, I think I better resolve to just accept that it is hot, and not subject others to the wrath of my hottness!! I was thinking about what makes me or others get ugly when the temperature rises, and honestly, there is a deeper issue there...

I think it's called lack of self-control.

I do believe that the Lord wants me, you, and every other believer to be controlled by the Holy Spirit. Galatians 5 says the fruit of the Spirit is: self-control. If I cannot control my attitude, regardless if it is 110 degrees outside, that is an area in my character where the fruit of self-control is a little...sour. We serve a God who will use anything to pull out, and showcase where you are not walking in the Spirit...even the Texas heat.

Now, that's a hot mess.

In the other 3 seasons of the year...I'm fine. It's jus something about the summer that does something to me. My friend Julie always says to me, "God is more concerned about your holiness than your happiness."

In relating that to life, God does not always allow the circumstances of our life to feel like a cool, spring day. Sometimes He turns up the heat in our lives to see how we will respond. For example, how do you respond when:

1. You get a flat tire
2. You lose your job.
3. You get stuck in traffic.
4. Your checking account is overdrawn.
5. You look at your life and things aren't where you thought they would be.

Well, I know how I respond to all of those things...I'm a hot mess! Hopefully, I will mature in this area. I've got the whole summer to work on it! In the meantime, I'm going to try to stay cool.


txteacher said...

My mother would always say "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." Maybe that's one reason I didn't learn to cook that well. Of course, the point being that patience is a virtue. Looking ahead to the dog days of summer, I need some work in that area also. Thanks for illuminating this problem for me.

julie said...

It's a HOT, what a are such a great writer...when are we starting our book? you so good

Lyn-z said...

thanks, julie!!! i will be starting my book as soon as i get the courage up to write it! pray for your girl!! :)