Thursday, December 04, 2008

Who's birthday is it anyway?

Well, the holiday season has officially been kicked off with Thanksgiving being a week ago. I hope all had a wonderful time giving thanks and eating turkey and getting stuffed with stuffing!

One can barely catch their breath before looking up and it's already December and the Christmas countdown has begun!

I love Christmas.

The decorations.

The music.

The festivities.

The food.

It is so tempting to let all of the extra sights and traditions of Christmas distract us from what Christmas is really all about: A Birthday Party for Jesus!

I work in a local elementary school in the community where I work, and yesterday while coloring a picture of Santa Clause, my co-worker asked the kids, "So who's birthday do we celebrate on Christmas?" They all just sat around looking at each other, and one kid confidently yelled out, "Santa!"

Wow. Santa. Really?

They seriously sat there for a minute not knowing what we were talking about. So, we told them during Christmas we celebrate Jesus' birthday. The sweet kids then said, "Ohhhhhhhh!"

It was such a startling moment for me. So, I ask, do your children know who's birthday it is we will celebrate on the 25th of December? Will they say Jesus? I encourage us all to take time to tell someone everyday until Christmas that the 25th is the birth day of Jesus!

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