Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Anti-Christ?

I've avoided blogging about this topic, but I just can't keep quiet about it any longer. It all began about 5 months ago when a white co-worker of mine suggested that Obama might be the anti-Christ. I was quite shocked to hear this allegation, but just assummed it was one opinion of one person.

Then, as the election drew closer, and Obama began to narrow in the lead, I began hearing this allegation of the anti-Christ more frequently from primarily white, conservative Christians.

Let the record be shown here, as a Christian I do not agree with all of Obama's politics, but I did vote for him. Proud of it. Not ashamed. Yes, I still love Jesus. (Last time I checked Christ was not the leader of either party, but He is Head of the Church!)

I was at a Christmas dinner last night when someone "jokingly" said something about our new president being the anti-Christ. I believe her statement only became a joke when she looked over at me and realized there was a black woman at the dinner table. Oops! I guess that wouldn't have been the right time to announce to my white Christian friends my husband and I are going to Obama's inaguration on January 20, 2009?

Seems to me many white Christians who think Obama may be the anit-Christ don't like him because he does not fit into their little box of what a "Christian President" should look like. I guess George W. Bush did? Not quite. Just two nights ago on Nightline, in an interview GWB said he does not believe the Bible is a literal text and that the same God Christians pray to is the same God Muslim's and every other religion pray to. Really? I thought the Christian God was the Triunal God? Doesn't that make Him distinct?

I digress...

My pastor, Dr. Tony Evans of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, who is considered a conservative evangelical preacher, and very well respected throughout the nation as a Bible scholar and teacher has been invited to speak at the Inaguration Prayer Breakfast next month. I don't think Tony Evans would risk his reputation speaking there if he thought Obama was the anti-Christ! (Disclaimer: I am not suggesting Evans voted for him...I have no idea how he voted)

Instead of spreading rumors and speculations of Obama being the anti-Christ, I encourage all of us to pray for him. Isn't that what scripture challenges us to do for our government leaders?


Brandie said...

Wow...that was strong girl! To say someone is the anti-christ is a very heavy statement to make and toss around so lightly without any factual knowledge about that individual. I think we all need to stop jumping on the band wagon of spam emails and heresay and actually research what we're talking about (from credible sources) and look at things a little more objectively.

Amber said...

Don't worry, some of us white Christian are just as appalled at the "anti-Christ" allegations. It is a reflection of their lack of knowledge of the anti-Christ. But, rejoice, Christ is coming again and we will know it is him and will live eternally with him. If only people could keep that in mind!
You are going to the inauguration??? Take pictures and blog about it!

Lyn-z said...

Thanks, Amber! I can always count on you to be my pro-black, white friend! :) just kidding! but, for have a keen sensitivity to other cultures. true gift from the Lord!

Jarvis Noelle said...

Well said Lynzee. I too have been in the midst of those 'just joking' situations, and couldn't believe it the first time I heard it wish I could go to the inaguration. I looked into it, but never got any good leads...take lots of pics!