Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Submission in Small Steps

As a student for three years in seminary, I have entered our campus computer lab numerous times. I always walk in and use the computers and leave, but last week I noticed something different. As I sat there using the computer I looked out at the entrance and saw a sign asking students to sign in. I sat there thinking to myself,

"Whatever...I'm not signing in."

The next time I was headed to the library to the computer lab I sensed the Holy Spirit saying to me, "You need to sign in..."
It was a very clear God was asking me to be obedient, not to ask any questions, but to do it because He said so.

We all have a choice to either obey or disobey the Spirit's prompting...
As I approached the sign in sheet, I signed my name as asked...because those in authority over that computer lab have asked for we students to do so.

You see, my friend, submission takes place in small steps. If I cannot submit to a simple sign-in sheet, will I submit to the Lord in other areas? (i.e., my marriage) The answer is no. Submission is a Christian duty, not just one isolated to wives in marriage. We all are to be practicing the discipline of submission. God calls us as believers to submit to:

Christ as Head of the Church,
to one another,
wives to husbands,
and to governing authorities.

So, as you can see...we all fall under someone's authority. No one can escape it.
As you go about your days, be sensitive to the small ways the Lord is prompting you to submit.

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