Friday, October 19, 2007

Gecko's Gone Wild!

For several years now Geiko Insurance has cleverly used a 'cute' little gecko with an Australian accent to advertise their company. Many love the witty commercials and have even begun to love the reptiles.
But that's not me...
I don't like those commercials because of the geckos! It freaks me out & the accent is even scarier!
I am seriously afraid of those things. Here in Texas it's still a little warm, so these creatures are everywhere! I was lying on the couch on Tuesday relaxing, watching Oprah & something on the fireplace caught my was a lizard!!!!!!!! This thing was big! So after calling everyone I knew in my vacinity, no one agreed to come kill the lizard for me, so it was solely up to me. I got all kinds of advice from my friends and family! I even called my fiance who was in New Orleans on business. His response was, "What do you expect me to do?" (Thanks, sweetie.)

Well, I never got the nerve up to kill the thing by myself, so I waited until my mom came home, and the two of us wrestled that thing & finally killed it!

Then...the very next night a friend came over and another gecko came in through the front door with her like he was a welcomed guest! This one was big too! Ugh....Needless to say, we made her try to kill it, but the rascal was too quick and she didn't catch, it's still somewhere in the house we guess. Great.

So, I know it's ridiculous of me to be afraid of them, but I AM! So there. I don't like those things--Australian accent or not. These geckos have gone wild, plus they're not even saving us 15% on our insurance.

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kiwinana said...

hey lyn-z this is kandy delario cousin i think that little story was so cute and