Wednesday, September 05, 2007


On Monday my fiance and I went for a run. It almost killed me by the way, but he is preparing for a 3k run & I thought I'd be supportive of him and go on a run with him. As we were running, I noticed the acorns are starting to fall...the season is getting ready to change around here!

The weather isn't the only thing changing, season of life is quickly changing, and like fall, it will be here before you know it!

Four months from today we will be wedded together as husband and wife. WOW! It still amazes me! I've come a long me!

Today that realization became more real to me as dear friends I have worked with this summer gave me my first surprise Bridal shower. As I opened up gifts we will use for a lifetime together in our home, I thought, "It's really here, I'm going to be this man's wife." Most all of the women in the room are married, and have been for many years.

They are seasoned wives!

When I witness these women and the years they have put into their marriages, it gives me much hope and anticipation for mine. I know seasons will change. Some we will enjoy, some we won't enjoy.

But, God...

He is faithful. He is patient. And He will walk with us every step of the way as we travel down the many seasons of our lives. My heart is so full and grateful for the women who celebrated with me today, and I will continue to celebrate Jesus in this season and the ones to come!

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