Friday, August 04, 2006

God's Curriculum on Faith

This summer I took an Old Testament History class and my professor would repeat a saying to us in helping us understand the faithfulness of God tothe Israelites throughout history:

"What God has done in the past is a picture of what He will do in the future."

Dozens of times God proved to be all His children needed, and that He would fight their battles for them. All they had to do was look back and remember His faithfulness of yesterday in order to trust Him for tomorrow.

It was only a week ago I laid in my bed worrying and wondering,

"How will I pay for fall tuition?"

I became anxious at the thought of my outstanding balance. However, the Holy Spirit prompted me to remember how God provided in the past and to trust Him for the future. His mercies never fail...they are new every morning--Great is Thy Faithfulness! (Lamentations 3:23)

Only two days ago I found a posting on the DTS job board for a part-time Spanish teaching position. It fit my schedule perfectly, is close to my house, and would be great experience for me considering I'm studying Christian Education. I immediately inquired, filled out an application, and scheduled an interview for today.

Giving all praises and glory to God from whom all blessings flow...He provided-again!! This was an answer to my prayers! I will be teaching at Plano Christian Academy! I am very excited about this opportunity to teach within a Christian context. I am an experienced teacher, but now I will have to polish and refine my philosophy of teaching Spanish beginning and ending with God...and to the glory of God!

Maybe you can help me out?

How do you suppose one should teach Spanish within a Christian context?

What things should I include in my instruction that will bring God glory?

How do Christ and the Bible stay in the center of a philosophy of teaching Spanish?

Post some comments & help me out!! I would love to hear from you. Also, I would like to encourage and repeat to you what I heard repeated numerous times in class this summer:

"What God has done in the past is a picture of what He will do in the future."


txteacher said...

I don't know anything about the Spanish curriculum, but I do know that your students will see Jesus shining through you. It should be a wonderful new experience for you
and your students.

Erica said...

thanks so much for your comments. I responded back on my blog on the testing/temptation.

much2ponder said...

Thanks for this post; your freshness and positive outlook brighten my day. I am a Special Education teacher in the area of Emotional Behavioral Disabilities (EBD). I too had to ask that question about how to incorporate Christ in my teaching. Since I do not teach in a Christian environment, this was quite a challenge, but things happened naturally. I feel the Lord has had his hand in what I teach since the beginning. I teach a lot about building character and having purpose, helping my students to understand they have a reason. God has given me ample opportunities to share his love through teachable moments. I don’t know much about teaching Spanish, but I think what the person above said about Jesus shining through you is probably your most powerful teaching tool. God is so good.