Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Symphony

Tonight I am doing something new and different. I am going to the Meyerson Symphony in Dallas. I have not considered myself a fan of classical music, nor of the symphony, but I think it will be fun to do something different and experience a change of scenary.

My friend, Denashia, won 2 tickets on the radio and invited me to go with her. Isn't that sweet? So, we will get to go on this new adventure together to the symphony. I have secretly envied people who can play a musical instrument. If you think about it, truly music is amazing. How do all of those sounds come together and blend so beautifully?

At the wedding last Saturday, the liturgical praise dancers danced to a song by Fred Hammond called, "You are My Symphony." It was a beautiful testimony of how God is the Orchestrator of our lives, blending everything in harmony, making a beautiful song.

Like a conductor, God's invisible hand is moving, instructing things to go in a way which blend together in perfect harmony. Our job is to be seated and to follow His lead, trusting His guidance.

Tonight when I'm at the symphony, I'll be thinking of God in that way. I'm glad to be going, but I'm even more excited to have an excuse to get dressed up!!

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