Thursday, April 20, 2006

Spring Pruning

Are you a pack-rat? You know, the ones who keep everything-whether it be a receipt from 1992 or shopping bags from Wal-Mart and Bath & Body Works.

Come on...tell the truth, shame the devil!

A year ago, I moved back home, and every since then, I have been driving my mom crazy by throwing things out little by little. We even had some heated arguments about wheter or not to throw out some items, but I didn't back down...she really did need to throw out some stuff! Though it almost started World War III, my mom finally admitted that throwing things away and clearing some room gave her a sense of freedom.

Why do we hang on to stuff that has no purpose in our lives? I mean, really...a receipt from 1992? Perhaps there are many reasons why we don't prune things out of our homes or cars:laziness, apathy, busyness. Whatever the reasons may be I think we can draw some spiritual applications from it.

When someone comes to Christ they become a new creature. In the process of sanctification, or spiritual growth, God begins to prune us from those things that are not like His Son, Jesus Christ. Take a look...

"He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful." John 15:2

Jesus' job is to prune those things of our character which are of no use that we may go on to bear fruit. One observation that can be made here is that this pruning process may be painful...but it reaps a reward!

I believe we serve a God who is interested in cutting away all of the unuseful areas of our lives...whether it be things of our character or the junk in our trunks!!!

What are the things you need to prune in your character or in your home this spring?

Is it a spirit of bitterness?

Is it a shelf full of books you have never read?

One man's trash is another man's treasure! Go through your home and honestly ask God to show you if you have use of different items or if someone else could be blessed by you passing them along. Now, don't go passing on dirty socks or anything...for example, maybe you have a set of stationary you no longer use-give it to someone else!

Christ came that we may be free! This includes all areas of life. Free yourself from the clutter in your home and the clutter in your character. This spring do some pruning, whether it be freeing up some extra space in your closet, or freeing someone else from the forgiveness you need to extend to them.

Here are some spring pruning ideas:

1. Clean the trunk of your car
2. Clean out the junk drawer in your bathroom or kitchen
3. Get rid of old boxes in the garage
4. Clean underneath your bed
5. Clear off your office desk
6. Give away old movies you don't watch anymore
7. Clean out files
8. Clear out clothes you no longer wear...pass them along!
9. Go through your food pantry
10. Throw out old magazines in your magazine rack

Here are some character pruning ideas:

1. Pray & ask the Holy Spirit to reveal those areas in you which need to be pruned
2. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's voice to #1
3. Read Scriture accounts of Jesus, noting His perfect character. Ask God to develop those in you.
4. Ask your close friends or family members the areas in your life where you are weak...tell them to be gentle!
5. Ask God for obedience to do that which He reveals to you!

Happy spring pruning to you and I!!


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful and so needed for me personally right now. for so long now I've felt like my world has been about pursuing what really matters and cleaning out areas that just keep piling up and piling up. Thanks for giving me your blog site! You're the coolest. Now if we can find that Puritans video on DVD . . . . ;)
- Natalie

Lyn-z said...

Thanks for dropping by Natalie...and yes, I really need that Puritan DVD...let me know if you find it!

julie said...

so needed this...maybe if we got rid of a bunch of stuff, more of us could be out there on the mission field...i know i could....ouch!!!