Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Psalm of Lament

On Monday I was having a horrible day! I was just down, sad, and not understanding some things in my life. That night I was doing an assignment for school. Of all things, our professor asked us to write an original psalm of lament. Initially I thought to myself, "Ok, I'm not can I write a psalm?" Well, I after studying a few of the lament psalms before writing my own, a common theme I found in the lament psalms were: honesty, transperancy with God, and ultimately a cofession of trust in the Lord. I have such a greater appreciation for the lament psalms now, and I am so grateful that our Lord invites us to be honest with Him just like David! I hope you will enjoy my original Psalm of Lament and that God would minister to you through it!

A Psalm of Lament

O God, how long must I wait?
Lord, how long until I see a change?

Be gracious Father, my heart aches;
Come near me for I am lonely;
But You, O Lord, You are silent.

Hear me, O Lord, hear my silent cries.
Comfort me in my longing, for Your name’s sake.
Restore me, I need Your mercy.

My hope fades even in the day light;
I am blinded by my circumstances;
I cry out for You to move;
But You, O Lord, You are silent.

Be lifted up, O God!
For You have already crushed the enemy.
The Lord is Sovereign in all His ways.
My tears have not escaped You;
Your loyal love is a banner over me.

“There are times when our hope despairs;
those are times when our despair must learn to hope.”
Martin Luther

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