Monday, October 13, 2008


Within the last 5 months or so, my husband and I know of multiple marriages on the brink of divorce. Sure, we all hear about the statistics of marriages ending in divorce, but these are our friends and family members battling broken marriages.

Perhaps it's more disheartening to me because I am married now. D and I went to see an excellent Christian film, Fireproof, a couple of weeks ago, and it is a must see for everyone: married or single. We came out knowing one thing for sure:

Every marriage will go through the fire...the couples equipped to extinguish those fires can survive.

I encourage everyone to go see this movie, or send a couple as a treat to go see it! Let's fight for our families and have marriages that are fireproof against the schemes of the Enemy.

Enjoy the trailer of Fireproof


ridge765 said...

My husband and I saw Fireproof together, and we were struck by the movie's celebration of covenant marriage and unconditional love. So many movies today just insult marriage, promote affairs or portray marriage as joyless and worthless. Fireproof boldly proclaimed marriage as well-worth the sacrifice, yet didn't back down from the fact that it's at times difficult, even agonizing.

We have a copy of the Love Dare book used in the film, as well as a "Couple's Kit" which is a bible-study based on the film that couples can do at home or with a group. These have made a real difference in our ability to address and improve these areas in our own marriage, and they are probably the most important things we have done for our marriage this year. DISCOUNT ALERT! I found them online at and I think they offer a discount off the cover price. The Love Dare book is like six bucks off! Yay!

My advice: take your spouse, your fiancée, or someone who might be married someday and go see this film. Blessings to you.

Lynzee said...

wow...i think this comment is a commercial!! i just blogged ridge765 & it's all over the net!! funny!!