Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Palin's Petty Politics

Ok, I just got finished watching the RNC and Governor Sarah Palin accept her party's nomination as the Vice President.

I am angry.

First, let me say I do not consider myself a democrat nor republican. I have given both parties a fair and balanced look. Tonight, my decision has been made crystal clear.

I am endorsing and voting for the Obama/Biden ticket.

But, first let's get back to why I am angry. I am so offended by Palin's negative comments of Obama being a former community organizer. (Here is the entire transcript of her speech.)

She boasts of first being involved with the local PTA-what does she think that is?

As an employee of a faith-based inner-city community organization/ministry, I am highly offended of her insinuations that community work is not a noble or respectable work. It further solidifies for me that the GOP is not for all people, but only a few. The work millions of Americans are doing in communities, especially those communities where "the least of these..." reside, is honorable, worthy, sacrficial, and deserves respect.

Shame on you, Sarah Palin!

I admire a man who desires the office of the presidency recognizes the value of community. In my opinion, that is putting "country first."


rebecca said...


i couldn't agree more. she got so much slack for that statement and it was well deserved. she not only belittled his community service experience but made so many sarcastic remarks like "parting the waters and healing the sick" that it was uncalled for and over the top. i found her very catty.

i watched both conventions and was waiting for the rnc to say SOMETHING! nothing. it was all about palin's and mccain's experience and character, respectively and they touched very little on the issues that is affecting america today. i could go on and on, on this but won't. all i will say is that i've been an obama/biden supporter from day one and was open to what mccain/palin would say, and after watching them, they did not manage to change my mind one iota.

i also did a post on my blog palin, alaska where i have a video from youtube on ms. palin. you would find it very interesting.

btw, beautiful wedding pictures. both you and your husband look so lovely! congratulations

Lyn-z said...

thanks, rebecca for stopping by & sharing your thoughts! i enjoyed your post as well on palin.