Monday, June 25, 2007

It's Our Anniversary!

A year ago this sweet man pictured on the left, DeLario, humbly approached me and asked if we could begin an intentional friendship. I remember his sweet smile & his nervousness. In fact, he forgot to ask me for my phone number, so he had to call one of my friend's to get it!

Since that day, we have indeed developed a friendship that has flourished into a deep love for one another.

I am so grateful for this man and I want to honor him right here in this post. He is a Man of God. He is gentle, kind, loving, funny, has a servant's heart, and walks a life of integrity. Before he approached me on June 25, 2006 he was praying & fasting over me, being sure not to jump ahead of the Lord. He desired to hear from the Lord before he approached me. He has pursued me, wooed me, and won my heart!

Thank you, Lord for your redemptive gift to me through this man! Thank you, sweetie for loving me sacrificially and being my best friend. I'm so glad to be chosen by you. Thank you for choosing me!


San said...

I had no idea. Very fun to read about. So happy for you both!

Lyn-z said...

thanks so much! didn't mean to leave ya in the dark!!! :)

Jen said...

Well... Alright! An answer to prayer! Want-He-do-it!

Lyn-z said...

Yes sirrrr!