Monday, December 25, 2006

A Lot of Love

Well, another Christmas is almost gone. I can't believe I celebrated my 26th Christmas, and I never grow tired of all the festivities. It is cold here in Dallas, so thankfully it felt like Christmas this year! I saw on the news tonight in 1983 when I was three years old it was a record low of 3 degrees! Now that's cold! My mom says she remembers that Christmas and that our whole family, including the dog slept in the same bed to stay warm.

We had a good time opening gifts, eating, and visiting with family. I watched my two young cousins play with their toys and it became a very nostalgic moment for me. I remember being young and being so excited about all the toys--those were the days! How fleeting they are...

I don't get toys anymore for Christmas. These days I'm just about as excited to get practical gifts as I was about the toys back in the day: socks, PJ's, make-up, lotions, etc. I asked my dear friend what he got for Christmas, and he said, "A lot of love!"

That is what Christmas is about--a lot of love!

In fact, with the birth of Jesus love came down...

What is sad to me is that many people today have celebrated this day without knowing the true meaning of did not just come down for me or for you, but for the world! The power of God's love through the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas should move us to sharing the gospel message with the lost.

My personal prayer and challenge is to pray earnestly for ONE person I know who does not know Christ to entrust Him as their Lord & Savior in hopes that they may know by Christmas 2007 that they have been given a lot of love.

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