Wednesday, January 04, 2006

There is Something about that Name

What do you think about when you hear the name cancer? Unfortunately, it is a name many of us have been aquainted with. Me personally, my grandfather died when I was in the eight grade of lung cancer, and I will be honest with you, cancer scares me. Just the name itself...CANCER, sends chills up my body and a pain in my heart for those who battle cancer daily. To think that cancer can form in one tiny cell in your body and have the power to overtake your body is unbelievable...

I know two people currently who are battling some form of cancer, and my heart goes out to them and their family. Cancer is a name that none of us want to hear when it comes to ourselves or our family members and loved ones. As we have already begun a new year, I wonder how many lives and families will get an unwelcomed visitor of cancer knocking on their doors in 2006?

As I was praying for the two people I know with cancer today, the Lord whispered a sweet truth to me:

"My Name is above every name..."

Wow...JESUS' name is above every name, even cancer! A friend reminded me earlier this week of something I had forgotten:

"There is power in the NAME!"

How often we forget about that when we hear of a friend diagonsed with cancer, or when we face many of life's obstacles. We immediately look horizontally to our circumstances on earth instead of looking up to heaven and saying the name, "Jesus!"

Remember the hymn:

"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
there is something about that Name...
Blessed, Savior, Jesus, let all heaven and earth proclaim
that kings and kingdoms will all pass away,
but there's something about that Name."

What a beautiful truth in that old hymn...that all things, even cancer, will one day pass away, but the name of Jesus is the Name above every name that will never cease! Praise God!

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txteacher said...

Emotional pain will also eat away at you just like cancer if it remains untreated. In both cases, there is power in the name of God.