Monday, September 05, 2005

God Can!

As you all know, I took a huge leap of faith and quit my teaching job to pursue a master's degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. I didn't know how all of the financial details would come together, but I was sure of the calling to go! One day in April, I was driving down I-30 to DTS to go turn in my application for Financial Aide. In my mind I was thinking, "How am I going to be able to afford DTS?" I looked over to my right off the highway and saw an old beat up sign tacked on a tree that said, "GOD CAN." I immediately began crying because I knew that was the Lord's way of speaking to me in the exact moment I needed it. It was amazing and seemed like something out of a movie.

Three weeks pass and I get a letter in the mail from DTS stating that they would not be able to grant me ANY financial aide. I was like, "WHAT? Not only am I a poor teacher, but I'm quitting my job to come to school!" I was devastated and made up my mind right then that, "GOD CAN..but HE WON'T..not for ME." We've all been there, right? So, I continue on because I know His plan had not changed for my life. I was grateful because I was able to pay my fall tuition in cash from the remainder of my salary from teaching. God was gracious to me in that my balance was about $450 cheaper than I had anticipated. That was a huge blessing. However, I still showed signs of unbelief. Now, just between us...I was disobedient and did not tithe the total 10% from my last checks from my job this summer because I was afraid I would not be able to pay my tuition and other expenses. Instead, I just gave a portion, thinking that was good enough. In essence, I did not trust God.

Would you believe within the last month I have gotten 2 speeding tickets!!! I had not received any speeding tickets in the last 6 years, and I got 2 within a month!!! I was so livid and scared because how am I going to pay for 2 speeding tickets, right? Well, God had to teach me a tough lesson. The total for my 2 tickets came up to be EXACTLY the amount I withheld from the Lord in my tithe!!!!! Isn't God something else? When I made that connection, I just cried out in repentance for not trusting the Lord and holding back something that belonged to Him. The Lord had disciplined me and I felt it.

Oh, but if it were not for GRACE...

I went by the financial aide office last Tuesday just to ask if they could review my application because I had heard that sometimes scholarship money gets returned back due to different circumstances. It was a long shot, but I remembered that sign the Lord showed me, "God Can." I was not sure if they would be willing to give me any money especially since my balance was paid in full. I was hoping they wouldn't think that I didn't need it because I initially wrote that check for my tuition (which was the biggest check I've ever written in my life) in faith!

Giving all honor and praise to God....I received word today that DTS would be crediting $2,600 to my account!! WOW!!!! Praise God! When I found out today, I danced before the Lord like, really I did!!!!! So, not only did the Lord in His grace provide financially for me this semester for my tuition from money left over from teaching, but He has already CREDITED my account $2,600 for next semester!!!

Isn't that what Christ did on the Cross for all of us? He credited our accounts with righteousness and grace...because He knew we would need it!!! Despite my unbelief and my disobedience, God granted mercy and grace to me by providing for me above and beyond!!!

God WANTS to prove Himself faithful in your life! I don't know what you are asking of the Lord, but remember those two simple words on the sign I saw off I-30....God Can!

Thank you for reading and sharing my joy with me!!


natalie hobson said...

Wow Lynzee!!! Praise GOD! I remember thinking in undergrad that I could see you using your gifts to be an inspiring woman of GOD for young women to look up to. I don't think that I ever shared this thought with you, but I thought it all the time. It makes me to happy to read about what God is doing in your life! Love, Natalie

julie said...

I knew that when I met you some 14 years ago that you were different...seems I was right!

txteacher said...

I have learned many valuable lessons of faith through you. Keep sharing your thoughts with other and you may see that your inspiration has no boundaries. You are in the midst of yet another challenge. Just keep looking up!

Write down for the coming generation what the Lord had done,
so that people not yet born will praise Him.
Psalm 102:18

pmcdaniel said...

Lynzee, your writing is inspiring. I have truly enjoyed it. I am happy to know that things are going well for you.